Eastside Nonprofit COVID-19 Vaccine Toolkit

The Alliance of Eastside Agencies, Eastside Executive Forum, Eastside Human Services Forum and Eastside Pathways Backbone have joined together for the first time to provide the Eastside Nonprofit COVID-19 Vaccine Toolkit to help nonprofit agencies in supporting their staff, volunteers and clients.

This toolkit is intended to ensure that all 100 agencies we serve are equipped with information from trusted sources to make decisions about vaccinations. 

As we provide vaccine information for our staff, volunteers, and clients, we are grounded in equity considerations by ensuring that all information recognizes the unique needs of staff, volunteers, and clients who are BIPOC, low or no income, with limited technology access, are English language learners, immigrants, refugees, or are part of populations who may not have access to current vaccine information.

The toolkit below includes help determining your approach to providing vaccine information, a list of vaccine resources, how to request a vaccination pop-up clinic at your site, and related workplace policies and templates for nonprofits to use. 

COVID-19 Vaccine Resources

The resources provided below are likely to be helpful in your efforts to support vaccination efforts. That said, things are changing fast, and more information is coming out regularly. As much as possible, we’ve linked to external resources that we trust will be updated regularly, and we will add to this list as more information comes out.

To Find Eligibility

To Find a Vaccine

To Identify as an Essential Worker

  • 1A Eligibility Letter — this template can be sent to to provide proof of eligibility to receive a vaccine during Phase 1A. It can also be edited to reflect later phases.
  • Vaccine Eligibility Email to Employees — use this template to inform employees of their eligibility to receive the vaccine under Phase 1A. Make sure to attached the above “1A Eligibility Letter” to the email.

To Understand Vaccines, Their Benefits and Risks

To Communicate to Your Stakeholders

  • Check back later.

To Apply to be a Pop-Up Clinic Location

Workplace Policies for Nonprofits

Check back later.

Action Steps for Non-Profit Decision Makers

1. Determine Your Approach to COVID-19 Vaccination
The approach that any organization takes to vaccinations should be tailored to the needs of the organization and their stakeholders. Some organizations will decide to provide information to their stakeholders, others may avoid the issue entirely, and some will take an active role, directly helping stakeholders schedule appointments or even hosting pop-up clinics. In determining the best role for your organization, here are some important questions to ask yourself.

  • What considerations are you including in your approach to support equitable vaccine distribution, including an acknowledgement of the historical trauma surrounding BIPOC health care?
  • Are you requiring vaccines for staff? Volunteers? Clients?
  • Are you providing information to educate your stakeholders on vaccines?
  • How are you facilitating and/or supporting the vaccine process for your staff and/or clients?
  • Will you support the broader public vaccination process?
  • Will you work individually with clients?
    • Evergreen Medical is making outbound calls to BIPOC, immigrant, ESL, if non-profit provides their individual names and phone number.

2. Compile Your Resources
There is a wealth of resources available about vaccinations, both specific to our region and broader in scope. We’ve provided above many resources that may be helpful to your stakeholders but providing all of those references is likely to be overwhelming. Identify the resources, links and contacts which are most likely to be helpful and relevant to your audience.

3. Put Your Plan Into Action
Use your preferred communication methods to get information to your stakeholders. Don’t forget to routinely check for updates and implement changes as needed – things are changing fast!