2023 Calendar of Events

Alliance of Eastside Agencies plans to bring the community six Pivot Points about the most vital topics to the Eastside each year. We will update this calendar with more information and links to the events as they’re finalized.

January – AEA Connect 1/13/2022

February – Board of Directors Meeting

March – Lunch & Learn co-hosted with Eastside Human Services Forum: City Funding Opportunities & Strategic Priorities in East King County

May 24 – Board Meeting

June 28 – Let’s Breakfast Together! (in person)

July 26 – Community County Roadshow Presentation (in person)

August – Board Meeting (in person)

September 9 – Together Center Grand Opening (in person)

September 27 – Pivot Point &/or Joint Forum Event

November 22 – Board Meeting, Awards Luncheon Planning (in person)

January 18 – Annual Awards Luncheon (in person)