2022 Calendar of Events

In 2022, Alliance of Eastside Agencies plans to bring the community six Pivot Points about the most vital topics to the Eastside. We will update this calendar with more information and links to the events as they’re finalized.

January – Board of Directors Meeting

February – Pivot Point: Unpacking the Challenges of Working in Today’s Reality

March – Executive Committee / Board of Directors Meeting

April – Pivot Point: Membership Conversation let by Yana Ludwig, Executive Director of Leadership Eastside

May – Pivot Point: Data!  There I said it.  Understanding and Using the Health Youth Survey to Inform our Work.

June – Pivot Point: King County – Veterans, Seniors and Human Services Levy

July – Board of Directors Meeting

August – Pivot Point – Advocacy – Mobilize Your Agency to Better Meet the Needs of Our Community

September – Board of Directors Meeting

October – Pivot Point

November – Board of Directors Meeting

December – TBD