Join your fellow human services providers on the Eastside!

AEA member agencies are those who want to collaborate to foster stronger partnerships, strengthen organizational capacity to meet Eastside needs, work together to identify and positively address urgent human services concerns, and advocate to influence decision makers. If your agency sees the sometimes hidden needs on the Eastside and you want to join others to address those needs, stand with the AEA!

Membership Fees

The membership fee for your agency is based on your annual budget amount:

• $225 - $1M+ annual operating budget
• $150 - $500,000-999,000 annual operating budget
• $75   - Under $500,000 annual operating budget
               OR individual (not organizational) membership

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Contact us with any questions or concerns. Please be sure to add this address: to your email address book to help ensure that you receive our confirmation and follow-up information via email. Thank you!

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